collated by MERVYN THE MONKEY 

A few months back Steve Howard went on loan to Sheffield Wednesday and said some uncomplimentary things about Pools. Then came relegation. Then John Hughes and Micky Barron went, as did Ritchie Humphreys and very few other squad members. Then came Colin Cooper and Craig Hignett, who as yet haven't acquired a shed-full of new talent. And Steve Howard returned from Sheffield Wednesday. Pools' early friendlies didn't set the world on fire, but the performance against Boro went down quite well, so as usual, who knows what's going to happen? A lot of abuse for Howard, that's what!

John Cooper has been the main man at the Bizz for the last few years. But now, with a growing family and career commitments, he has decided to retire from direct involvement with the mag. He took over the editorship six years ago, and put a lot of time and effort into it, which led to Monkey Business gaining a Fanzine of the Year award. John did a great job of keeping it going while printed fanzines were folding everywhere, especially in the lower leagues. Eventually the printed version bowed to the inevitable, and we all expected the Bizz to fold completely, but he had the idea that we could keep it going online ...and here we are today, starting our twenty-fifth season. So we at the Bizz would like to wish him well and thank him for his great efforts over the years.

Another former Bizz editor is Dave Shedden, who was one of the original three founders of Monkey Business. And since MB is now in its 25th season, you don't need a calculator to work out that he's knocking on a bit!
At the end of last season he got to grace the hallowed turf of the Vic, by playing a game with some fellow old timers, who included one Brian Honour, under the gaze of John Hughes and Micky Barron.
This picture of Dave at the end of the game shows how much he enjoyed it, and given that Messrs. Hughes and Barron were down the road shortly afterwards, it can't have been a highlight of their football careers either.

This flag was made specially for some Poolies (like Wickes, it's got their names  names on it) to take to the Third Ashes Test at Old Trafford. It's huge, and they were aiming to get it seen on TV.
As you can see, Mervyn the Bizz monkey appears (with permission) on it, and by the time you read this you may also have seen it on telly.

Finally we'd just like to say that anyone is welcome to write or otherwise create anything suitable for Poolies and submit it to us for inclusion in a future issue. It can be serious or humorous, complimentary or critical, current or nostalgic (for more info select the 'submitting stuff' link above). We like getting new contributors started, and we'll knock it into shape for you if necessary, so it doesn't matter how rough you think it is. Every one of us started with a first piece which we thought would be rejected, so why not have a go?