KT POOLIE has a plot for a new film

Despite recently celebrating its 100 year anniversary, Jellystone Park, a third-tier entertainment venue is struggling.

The park’s owners continue to spend money maintaining the grounds; the park-keepers charged with providing the facilities come up with award-winning, innovative ticketing incentives; regular visitors remain true to the whole venture but attendance is down.

The body responsible for all the country’s grounds, the park association, seems to have forgotten the traditions of old Victorian parks and is keener to encourage new grounds attracting foreign investment. With exotic names like Etihad, Emirates and Madejski, old-fashioned parks such as Jellystone, located in the remote North-East of the country are overlooked.

Indeed, few in authority would shed tears if the park closed down. Local councillors keep stalling on their promise to sell the land. Perhaps it is the economic climate, but a gloom pervades the whole park and visitors are disappointed.

If the park is closed, all the bears will lose their home. Ranger Ken acts to save Jellystone from closing forever.  He brings Yogi in from a Scottish park and charges him to prove he is "smarter than the average bear".  Pull this off and he can have all the picanic baskets he wants.