VARIOUS POOLS FANS give their thoughts

I'm sad because the guy was held in high regard from his previous spell. (Never go back???).
I think we will have a problem recruiting the sort of manager we need - a disciplinarian like King Cyril - since a new manager will almost certainly have to be prepared to work with the current backroom staff.
In my opinion the main reason for his demise is that Cooper fell for the same problem that has plagued recent regimes - far too big a squad too low in quality.
Ken Cairns 

Sad but necessary. Hopefully the replacement will manage to get through to the players.
Cooper must be devastated at how it has turned out.
I can only hope we bring someone with a ruthless streak in, Paul Ince would be my choice as he has done well at this level.
John Cooper "not even Sir Alex could have done more with the resources available."

After his initial time at the club, for which all Hartlepool United supporters must be thankful, he has not been able to rekindle that success. A genuinely passionate and enthusiastic manager who has run out of options, not aided by the present rules regarding clubs expenditures.
Alan Essex 

So sad to see Mr Cooper leave the club but it has not worked out this time round. I think some of the squad need to take a good hard look at themselves and their contribution to the position we now find our club in.
Ian Malcolmson 

He did a lot of good work at Pools.
It was hard to see where he could go in the current situation.
The new manager will need some new players.
David Shedden

Sorry to see a big man brought down. He was dealt a losing hand from the outset and can console himself with the thought that not even Sir Alex could have done more with the resources available.
Steve Hall

Hugely disappointed that Neale Cooper has left the club. Reading between the lines it would appear that he was in the same position as Mick Wadsworth who publicly stated that He too, was at a loss as how he could get the team back to winning ways.
If the players had half the heart or passion that Neale Cooper has for this town and the club we would be top of the league by a clear margin. A good many of the players should hang their heads in shame. Legend let down by Leg ends!
John Raftery

Very sorry to see him leave. Neale Cooper has been good for Pools - pity that the players didn't show the same enthusiasm. Maybe some of the players should have been shown the door instead of Neale Cooper. Best of luck for the future.
Michael Squires