Some pics of Poolies on their travels

Pools had a little bit of extra luck in the 2-0 win over bottom club Scunthorpe. A visit by the South East Poolies (left picture, l to r Graham Allen, Stu Miller, and Leigh Allen) ensured that Pools would be victorious in their third league game of the season. The last time this group saw Pools lose at home was against the Wendies last season, and we all know we were robbed in that game.

On the right is forner Bizz editor Lol Moran who, when he went to Avignon, insisted on putting on a Pools shirt and fulfilling the words of the famous French song about its bridge: "Sur le pont d'Avignon, l'on y danse, l'on y danse". Sadly that doesn't look much like dancing to us (more like standing on one leg), and technically he's in the wrong place anyway, because the song originally was "Sous le pont d'Avignon"  and not "Sur le pont....", so Lol should have actually been underneath the bridge.