RUNNING MONKEY sees Pools lose again

After the miserable trip to Whitby in unseasonal fog, mist, hail and rain, I had no time to do the Mackem and Borer matches at the Vic, where I understand there was a vast improvement in performance, so I looked forward to my first visit this season to watch us take on the mighty Toon.

I think my last experience of this fixture was a 6-0 drubbing - then they took Shearer off. A strong Toon side had us two nil down in two minutes with some very slick football and a suspicion of offside in both goals. We were pulled apart by some great football and even the penalty they were given was dubious.

One of my pet hates in football is to see a player hit the deck as soon as any bodily contact was was made, and like all Prem sides, the toon are masters of their trade.

We did rally a little in the second half, and Sweeney hit a shot into the roof of the net from close range and the whole of the Millhouse stand celebrated our goal, even though it was packed with 3500 mags fans. Great improvement in our new striker. He looks the business - lets hope we can keep him fit.

The side has a good balance, and Franks and Walton look very good signings. thank you very much Mr Cooper.

We are now 1-10 on aggregate with the Toon. We CAN catch up!