RUNNING MONKEY describes another home defeat

Just before the kick off my mate Ken had his head in his hands after looking at my team sheet. 

On my arrival he had been fretting about the possibility that the man in black warming up with his mates just could be Mr D Coote. Ken often frets about these things but he was regaling his brother in law with the past form of this man who handled the game between Pools and Southampton and ran willy nilly amongst the Pools players while letting far too much go by the opposition. Ken had checked the stats after the game and come to the fact if the fouls had be 8-18 in Pools favour this ref was a big time Charlie who followed the big club banners who ever they were. 

Ken was elated, well just for a minute, when the nearest steward claimed that because of an incident with one of the officials, the game would be delayed. Ken had never moved from his spot so he was not to blame for any mishap that had plagued the official team. Once again Ken was deflated when on the stroke of three the teams were led out with Mr Coote at the head. For the first time I can remember we had a female covering the fourth official spot. The moral of this tale is: take no notice of rumours from stewards and (as it turned out) your friends, as the man in black had a canny game overall. 
"If Preston come up on Tuesday and do the same job on us then questions will have to be asked"

 In the first minute Ken even warmed to the ref as he told a diving Kieran Agard to get on with it when he was shot by a sniper from the town end at the edge of the Pools box. Pools made a good start against what looked like a very nervous Yeovil side. For the first twenty minutes we played all the football, Hartley making a great tackle to stub out a rare chance for Yeovil, but it looked like slow progress for Pools. 

The first real chance came as a Lidds header down for Monky gave him the space to blast the ball but his effort hit the bar. From then on it went down hill. Agard the diver was complaining to the ref all the way through and when they won a corner he went into the box and started to hassle Flinders, and both Flinders and Aussie were wrestling with him on the line. It was a bit like human tug of war and it had the desired effect, both Pools players losing their concentration giving the huge centre back a free header that went between Horwood and the post. Once again Pools on the back foot at home after having all the possession. 

Yeovil were really boosted by this and even scored a second that was offside thankfully. It was desperate at times as they came after us, and Wright made a very good last gasp tackle to deny the visitors. They were in our faces all the time, it was like a massed ranks of Coldstream Guards and you have to be eight foot tall to join that regiment. You have to give Yeovil credit for their performance especially when they were a goal up considering their position. If only Pools had a bit of this attitude. 

 Boydie came on the start of the second half and we looked a bit better and he was the first to test the Yeovil stopper as he raced through onto a ball and tried to chip the keeper but he was even taller than his defenders and made the catch look easy. Both Lidds and Monky had shots saved but sadly there was no venom in the efforts. Pools did step up their effort when Luscombe came on but it was all in vain after Luscombe crashed a ball against the post. It was never going to be our day. 

Once again Pools fail at home and to a bottom team in the division. Just where are the goals going to come from? Poole tried hard against the giants today but even Monky struggled to win any headers to give us any decent position with the ball and enable us to threaten. If Preston come up on Tuesday and do the same job on us then questions will have to be asked.

"If Preston come up on Tuesday and do the same job on us then questions will have to be asked"