KT POOLIE has some interesting software for Poolies

Are you a collector of the printed copies of Monkey Business?
You might want to make use of a web application called Weevl which manages online lists. Developed by a Poolie (me), and a mackem, the application is free to use, free of ads and no spam.

Are you chalking off the 92 league grounds?
It will allow you to keep track of your progress, record the date, match and score and even keep a note of the best pubs and food. And it works on your mobile ‘phone too.

Check out the Pools Man of the Match list. After each game record your vote on

While you’re on the site have a look at some the lists others have created such as the Harry Ramsden’s chippies, the Grand Slam defeats of Andy Murray, the Wainwright fells, the CAMRA champion beers. Even better, be adventurous and create your own.
I’d be grateful for any feedback, or suggestions for improvements – there’s a contact facility on every page.