BILLY'S CONTRACT relives his musical youth

Went to see The Almighty Jethro Tull at The Sage recently doing an unplugged set. "What?" I hear you say, "Are they still on the go?"

Very much so, a bit like Ritchie Humphreys, 43 years on the road. Admittedly Ian Anderson vocally can no longer hit the high notes, but that still doesn't stop them from being one of the biggest touring bands of all time, who still regularly sell out all their concerts, unlike a lot of bands/artists I could mention. As Ian Anderson once said a few years back 'We may no longer be top of the Premiership but we are certainly in the top three of the Championship'.

Anyway it was during one of their songs, fittingly called 'Up the 'Pool', that got me thinking of the easy way to fill a few columns for Monkey Business by listing a few of their songs/album names in relation to all things Pools.

Sadly the song 'Up the 'Pool' is about Blackpool but none the less, the lyrics always put me in mind of the Fish Sands on a Sunny day.

Passion Play: Neale Cooper and Brian Honour
Under Wraps: Jack Baldwin
Love Story: Hartlepool United
War Child: Roy Hogan
Fat Man: Nathan Luscombe (when he first joined 'Pools)
Inside: Bob Newton
My God: Ritchie Humphreys
Sweet Dream: Boydy's stunner against Sheff Weds
Teacher: Mick Wadsworth
Dark Ages: The Re-election Years
Black Sunday: The day after Cardiff.
Protect and Survive: Mick Wadsworth's tactics
Beastie: Sam Collins
Fallen on Hard Times: Darlo
Saboteur: Scotty
When Jesus Came to play: Gordon Watson
Kissing Willie: After Willie Waddell's winning goal against Darlo 71/72 season
Overhang: The Well Hung Monkey
Steel Monkey: H'Angus
Velvet Green: Pools' Pitch
Reasons for Waiting: H'pool Council procrastinating about sale of the Vic to IOR
This is not Love: The Boro ...or Leeds at a push
Wind up: When I first heard of the £100 season ticket offer
Crazed Institution: The governing bodies of the football league and the F.A
Cup of Wonder: The Johnstone's Paint Trophy

I have my own ideas who should be credited with or related to the following Tull album, but I will let you the reader decide.

Thick As A Brick..............

(send your suggestions to Bizz Co at the unusual address.)

Forthcoming editions of Monkey Business will compare all things 'Pools related to the music and albums of the following artists: Tom Waits, Rory Gallagher, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Dr. Feelgood, and The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, to name but a few.

(No they won't - Editor)

Congratulations agents Arnison and Lee. Your work is nearly done.