CENTRAL PARK on the Vic and season tickets

I can’t let the season start without sincerely congratulating the chairman and all involved in the cut price season ticket offer. I expect that other people will be offering their congratulations as well but I want to put my appreciation on the record. I will admit, and if I don’t then I have a friend who will tell everybody anyway, that I did not expect us to reach the 4,000 target. My forecast was for 3,000 to be sold – if we were lucky. The decision to announce that the maximum price would be £150 was a master stroke and the town has responded magnificently. Well when I say town I mean the people who live here and in the surrounding districts. The bozos that run the place - not so much.

Just what will it take for the issue of the ownership of the ground to be resolved? As a supporter of the club I want the ground to be sold to the club owners. As a council tax payer I want the town to get value for the sale of an asset. Like everybody else I am completely in the dark and am relying on the rumour mill for ‘information’. The only sure thing about the situation is that in the absence of concrete information people will only ‘think the worst’.

For my part I have never been convinced that the council has been negotiating in good faith. Unlike my friend who assured me in April 2010 that the ground would be safely in IOR’s possession by the summer of 2010, I believe that no matter what happens the council will always have a reason for not selling the ground to IOR. I am at the point now where all I want is a definitive statement from the council. If they do not intend to sell at any price then please just let them say so, and say why. You never know they might just have a good reason. With getting on for 6,000 season tickets sold and the town ‘buzzing’ the ownership of the ground is the only cloud on the horizon. I know what the cynics will be saying, but with a ball not yet been kicked in the 2011/12 season if I can’t be mindlessly optimistic now then when can I be?

Not only has the club’s offer and the town’s response filled me with joy, the reduced price has also had the very welcome ‘knock on’ effect of freeing up the winter fuel allowance payment to be actually spent on keeping the house warm next winter instead of being saved to pay for a season ticket. As Oliver Hardy once remarked to Stan Laurel “what could possibly go wrong”?