December 04, 2015

My Christmas Greetings

My Christmas Greetings

Some seasonal messages from GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY

Well, its December. Three more weeks and it will soon be Christmas. How about the following greetings cards:

To Angela Merkel (the German Chancellor): A picture of Jurgen Klopp. Your countrymen are not supposed to have a sense of humour. Here’s one who has.

To Newcastle United: A picture of the FA Cup. Sixty years since they last won a major domestic trophy.

To Newcastle United (again): Pictures of Chris Hughton and Alan Pardew. A reminder that there’s life after The Mags.

To Leicester City: A treatment plan for vertigo. Must be dizzy being so high up in the world.

To Liverpool and Everton fans: A picture of Wembley Stadium. Hopefully the scene of a dream final in the League Cup.

To Chelsea: A picture of a trap door. Only five points off a relegation spot.

To Aston Villa: A picture of a driving licence with ten points. A reminder that that’s more than you’ve got up to now.

To Bolton Wanderers: Pictures of League Two grounds. Sadly, you chased the dream and the wheels came off.

To Barack Obama: A congratulatory card to express appreciation for your chaps unearthing all the stench in FIFA.

To all Poolies: How about the message “ Every little thing gonna be all right”.

Finally, Happy Christmas to you all!!!